When Will I Be Able To Recieve My Order. Or How Long It Will Take To Get My Order ?

Well…! it takes 5 days for order processing. After shipping, you will be given the tracking number via the email you provided. Your order can be delivered in a week as average.
Note: The process may be delayed due to holidays or any other unavoidable circumstances.


After shipping, we will provide you the tracking number via e-mail. While the minimum processing time is 5 days.

What If My Order Is Delayed ?

For customer satisfaction, it is our first priority to deliver your order within the given time. However, if the order is delayed for more than 20 days then you should contact us back. We will refund your money.

Why There Are Missing Items And Remaining Not Arrived Yet ?

Because of our shipping process you might receive your order in 2 or 3 parts. So don’t be panic if you have received an item first. You will receive your order on a given time.